We had Artistic Landscapes do a small project for us three years ago and were so happy with the results that we went back to them when we decided to undertake and extensive makeover of the landscape this year.  Robert, the owner, spent several hours with us walking the property and designing the project.  We had a lot of ideas of what we wanted done, but his ultimate design far exceeded our vision.  His company is aptly named.  Robert is an artist.  The execution of the plan was just as impressive.  Robert was on-site for most of the three-week project and during all critical phases of the work.  His attention to detail and perfectionism are incredible.  We would not want to work for him!  He personally selected every boulder, plant, and piece of flagstone that went into the project and made sure that each of them was installed in exactly the right position.  He tested, adjusted, and retested every sprinkler head until the coverage was perfect.  The final result was absolutely beautiful.  Considering all the work done and the beautiful results, the cost was very reasonable. We also appreciated how careful Robert and his crew during the construction.  During the delivery and installation of all the boulders, sod, topsoil, rock, flagstone, bark dust, etc, they took exteme precautions to avoid damaging existing plants and our relatively new driveway.  And they meticulously cleaned up after every day of work, cleaning the driveway and moving their tools and equipment into places where they were out of the way. Finally, we have to mention Robert’s enthusiasm.  It’s the same for every project, big or small.  He makes you feel like your project is the most important he has ever done.  He obviously loves his work.  And so do we.

Graham Hicks 2014